UPDATE July 2016

A huge thank you to all the volunteers and supporters who donated their time, hard work and supplies to bring the Drovers Inn back even better than before.

The pub  re-opened on 9th July with huge excitement. Phase two planning is now underway with the hope to gain approval and raise the funds to provide easy access toilet facilities. This is being done through a second share offer.

 Stephen&BarbaraAldred&DaughterZoe2opening day


The front elevation looks fantastic with its new decoration. The signs have been refurbished and there is a pristine gravel area at the front of the building with three attractive tubs complete with Hydrangeas that now in flower make the pub picture perfect.

Following the fantastic fund raiser on the 6th May had the funds to re-ridge and dress the thatch.

In the kitchen area, a larger more functional space has been created with the removal of the internal wall between the original kitchen and store area, the plaster work is now complete and the deep cleaning team have done a thorough job in preparation for hygienic wall cladding prior to installation and commissioning of the commercial kitchen equipment and completion of plumbing work.

Stephen & Barbara’s new website for the pub is launched here. It will feature regular updates on the latest seasonal food and drink, a news and events page to keep you all fully updated on pub news and future events at the Drovers and a link to our GCBS website. Our existing website will remain and will focus on information concerning the Gussage Community Benefit Society and provide a hot button to the Pub website.

We have tee shirts available to purchase for those who are interested.  Ours are plain black with white lettering “Save the Drovers” with Drovers motif.  Please email Sally for further details (or use the contact us page) if you would like to order one.  She will then be able to price them when she has an idea of the size of the order.  It’s another great way to let your friends know what we are doing and a good talking point.

Share Issue 1 is now closed. As well as the share issue our Fighting Fund, established with generous donations right from the outset of the Save the Drovers campaign, is essential. These donated funds are used towards professional fees and costs incurred during the purchase as well as to support the refurbishment.   Any donations to this fund can be made to Treasurer Mal Madell. Or see our local giving page.


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Fund Raisers

Friday Night is Pub Night raised £265

25 September 2015 folk night raised £1020

19 February 2016 Musical Soree raised £1300

6 May 2016 Repeat Offenders raised £1660